Friday, September 12, 2008

Music to listen to when reflecting on consciousness

Robert Wyatt-- Last Straw

Stars of the Lid-- Tippy's Demise

Can-- Mushroom

Gong-- Magick Mother Invocation

Gong-- Master Builder

Steven Reich-- Section 6

Red Krayloa-- L.G.F.

Avro Part-- Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten

Stars of the Lid-- Hiberner Toujours

I recommend reading some David Bohm, Ouspensky, and Alan Watts to get things moving. And then perform self-hypnosis in which you imagine you are descending into the abyss by way of an old elevator. You control the speed of your descent by a brass lever. Once you arrive at the depth you feel most comfortable, take some time to look around at the shadows and the symbols, the sigils and the signs. Take nothing for granted. But don't become to impressed by anything. Then begin to remove the subject from your internal grammar. Highlight the verbs. Rather than "I see the mountain rising up out of the volcanic ash," think, "A mountain rising up is being perceived," or "perception of a mountain rising up is happening." After a time of this, come out of the hypnotic state and then listen to these songs.

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CRMP said...

What, no old school Tangerine Dream?