Friday, April 24, 2009

Christopher Tignor: Core Memory Unwound

Christopher Tignor, a member of the experimental collective Slow Six, has opted for something more personal on his solo release Core Memory Unwound. His particular Pärt-like compositional themes are still here, but there is an internal transformation that he is making accessible. Like any good alchemical process it also contains the ability to create an emblem.

Tignor's piano and violin (peppered with some electronics) compositions are beautifully evocative and challenging. While they allow for a certain level of passive listening, they still demand attention and contemplation. Imagine your heart is a piece of vellum, and Tignor is the emblemist; an alembic here, a crucible there, a bird, a sword, and somehow, through a process of transmutation, there is the beginning of something, something being formed out of the fire; an egg, or a crown of fire. And all the while you are transfixed, memories are hatched, tiny jewels that have been crystallized by the pressures of time, somehow push themselves to the surface.

The miracle here is that what is personal to Tignor can be made so personal to the listener; the microcosm is really a macrocosm, which itself is only another particular moment in time and space. Core Memory Unwound is an astonishing experience, and one I hope Tignor is proud of.

--Christopher Tignor: Cathedral (pt. 2)

--And buy it here

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