Friday, November 30, 2007


Welcome to Mystery Theater, a review of psychedelic music and culture, comic books, religion, and cultural oddities. Things will start up in December, but for now here a list of what I am listening to, reading, and thinking about.

Small Faces- Ogden's Nut Gone Flake
Soft Machine- I and II
Umberto Eco- The Name of the Rose
Abraham Joshua Heschel- The Sabbath
Mysticism and psilocybin
Dr. John Halpern
The Faith Between Us
Huston Smith

I'll have more to say about all these things soon.

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Chris R. said...

I can actually tie Huston Smith and SF together. A couple of years ago, after reading WHY RELIGION MATTERS, I sent a letter to Huston pointing out similarities between some of what he wrote in the book an the Artifice Manifesto from Bruce Sterling's novel Heavy Weather oh and also asking him if he thought taking psychedelics was a good way to commune with religion or some such nonsense (can't remember how I put it). He wrote back which was nice of him.