Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Psychedelic Sobriety

David Metcalfe, one of the most interesting people writing on esoteric and other related matters, interviewed me for Reality Sandwich:

How did writing this historically centered autobiography help you understand your experiences? 

The single most important thing I realized was how mediated my experiences had been. Whether it was Silver Surfer comic books, Syd Barrett albums, or William Blake's poetry, cultural artifacts formed the language of my trips, my ideas, my hopes, and my fears. In understanding this, I came to believe that all experiences, not matter how pure we think they might be, are intimately shaped by symbols and mythologies and grammar. As I say in the book, there can be no pure experience. Even during the most profound context-smashing acid trip, our unconscious is drawing from a rich and abundant well. Maybe it's a Ray Bradbury story read in seventh grade or maybe it's a passage from the Vedas.

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